New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

May 25, 2014

We just rolled out a new update to TheWorxHub which contains some new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Job Counts for Staff Added Back In

In the assign labor window, the job count was set to zero last week so we could sort out some performance problems. This count of open work orders by staff has been added back in. For the time being job counts for contractors will remain at zero while we monitor performance.


Work Order Audit Report Added

Every now and then you need to do a deep analysis on one or many work orders -- you want to see every single detail. Now you can run a single report called Work Order Audit and print every bit of detail from work order costs, to change logs, to labor time logs. Just enter the work order numbers separated by commas, check the options that you want to view, then click Run Report.



Transportation Report: Trip Listing

For customers who own our Transportation App, we've added a new report called Trip Listing. This report lets you print a summary for all trips for a time period to view all basic details such as passengers, distance, time and destinations. Here's some ideas on how to use this report:

  1. Use the passenger filter to find all trips which included a specific resident.
  2. Use the vehicle filter to find all trips using a specific vehicle.
  3. Use the category grouping to subtotal by category to see how many trips were Medical Appointment vs Special Events.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Now showing favorite destination name on Trip page in Mobile Worx for transportation customers.
  • Fixed issue with note not saving in Mobile Worx when working offline and a status note was entered, then the work order completed.
  • Fixed several issues causing Worx IQ report subscriptions to not be attached to emails.
  • Moved notification box so that it doesn't obscure the Add New button when a notification appears.
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