New Improvements to TheWorxHub

May 31, 2015

This update includes a few new features and a number of new improvements and fixes.

Duplicate PO From Pop-up Form

We've extended a duplicate purchase order feature so that you can now access it via a pop-up window. When you're searching for historical purchase orders under Search > POs, just click the link for an existing PO to open it in a pop-up window, then click the Duplicate PO link in the bottom left. The new duplicated PO appears beneath your pop-up form -- just close your pop-up and start working with the new PO.


New Columns in Billing Export

When you export your billings to Excel from your Billings to Send dashboard indicator, we've added 3 new columns to allow more analysis on the exported data -- Rate Type, Category and Subcategory. Use these columns to slice and dice your exported billing data to spot trends, highlight heavily used services and cross-check that your policies are being followed.

In order for these new Excel columns to show you'll need to have the Show All Line Items in Data Exports option checked in Settings > Work Order > Chargeback Rate Settings.


Tip: For more detail on how to implement fee for service billings in TheWorxHub, check out the Resident Billings section.

Don't Forget to Save!

To ensure you never forget to save a record after you've added or changed data, we've added more features to prompt you whenever you're about to lose unsaved data by navigating away. 



Sent to Accounting Now Logged in Log Panel

We've enhanced the logging of data in the Work Order Log panel. Now, anytime you use the Sent to Accounting feature on your Billings to Send dashboard indicator, we'll enter a log panel entry in the corresponding work orders. This log entry shows exactly who clicked the Sent to Accounting link and when.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Worked around a Firefox for Android bug where locking your screen or switching to another app would cause TheWorxHub mobile app to go offline. Now the page refreshes when you return to the app keeping you online.
  • If you run the add-on Transportation app, when you add a new vehicle, it now creates an original assessment record to forecast replacement for those running the Capital Planning app.
  • Updated the Upcoming Scheduled WOs widget on the right hand side of the work order form to exclude ended scheduled work orders and to correctly handle updates when the location of a scheduled work order changes.
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer where adding a Site Meter reading and not specifying the location of the reading would cause a notification saying 'Undefined.'
  • Fixed appearance of some duplicated Jobs With No Start Time in the calendar.
  • Fixed an issue with tax calculations on purchase orders.
  • Improved handling of billable trips for residents that move-out or move to a new unit.
  • Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer where the save button would be disabled when adding a Favorite Destination for the Transportation app.
  • Fixed issue whereTransportation dashboard lists were cleared after saving a trip in a pop-up form on the dashboard.
  • Updated Trip form to ensure deactivated drivers would continue to show on trips they were assigned to previously.
  • Added checks to prevent the removal of a billing date when a work order is marked as billable.
  • Made linking meters to a work order more intuitive by closing the Add Meter pop-up as soon as you add a meter.
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