New Update to TheWorxHub!

May 6, 2012

Last night we rolled out a new update to TheWorxHub with a number of new features and improvements. Here's what's changed:

New Work Order Dashboard Indicator

We've created a new dashboard indicator under the Work Orders section called 'Incomplete Sched' which represents all incomplete work orders that originated from scheduled work orders. Each day your scheduled work orders generate, and this is where you can find all planned/scheduled items in one area. This makes it even easier to find and print newly generated scheduled work orders that have yet to be printed.



Note that in the reminders section, we've renamed the 'Scheduled WOs' section to now be called 'Upcoming Sched WOs' which still shows the next upcoming instance of all scheduled work orders for the next 30 days.

New Project Search

Under your Search tab, you'll now find a new Projects search tab allowing you to search and review all projects including historical projects.


Reopen Projects

Previously, once you completed a project, there was no easy way to reopen that project. Now you can easily reopen a completed project by:

  • Find the project under Search > Projects.
  • Click underlined project # to pop-up the project header record.
  • Click the reopen project button in the bottom right.


  • Return to your projects dashboard and you'll find that project visible again.


Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with using the keyboard to type-ahead search in detail table pick lists, such as the supplier pick list in the inventory form > suppliers panel.
  • Fixed issue with inventory billing mark-up % for some clients migrated from PM Worx.
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase Order shipping amount calculation.
  • Sorted the supplier pick list alphabetically in the inventory form > suppliers panel.
  • Fixed issue in Search > PO when sometimes a single completed purchase order would show more than once.
  • Resolved periodic issue where mobile users who had access to multiple departments would see pick list items from each department.
  • Prevented mobile job timer from timing jobs longer than 24hrs.
  • Fixed some issues around dashboard batch select/batch action functions retaining selection on work orders that are no longer visible on dashboard.
  • Implemented maximum selection of 50 work orders on batch assignment to help prevent certain error conditions.
  • Ensure 'printed' icon is not carried forward to all work orders if the source scheduled work order is printed.
  • Ensure forwarding address shows on previous resident panel in Resident Info form.
  • Ensure when moving out resident #2, they get promoted to resident #1 and their picture goes with them.
  • Fixed issue in survey templates "How to Use this Survey" instructions not being retained.
  • Ensure 'Other Comments' section is displayed on Survey Form printout leaving space for comments when filling out a paper survey.
  • Resolved error in Cost/Time Analysis report when using Worker grouping.
  • Resolved timeout error in some instances with Cost/Time Analysis report.
  • Ensure task list retains order of tasks after being reordered.
  • Primary contact for Contractor/Supplier record will now open a the pop-up contractor record when clicked in search.
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