Big Update to TheWorxHub

November 10, 2013

Those who attended this year's User Conference in Nashville had the opportunity to suggest
and explain their feature ideas for TheWorxHub. Our goal is to get as many of them into the
system as we can. In this release we've got 4 of the user conference feature requests ready to

We love listening to your feedback and working to make TheWorxHub the best possible. If you
couldn't make the User Conference this year, be sure to watch your inbox for news of our
10th Anniversary User Conference coming to Toronto in September 2014.

User Conference 2013 Feature Requests

Add a New Note, Trigger Email Notifications

When you add a note to a work order manually through the Log panel, TheWorxHub will send
out email updates with the note details to all subscribed users.


Link a Survey to a Scheduled Work Order

If you own the add-on QA & Surveys app, you can now link a survey to a scheduled work
order. When that work order generates, it automatically creates a survey. Automatically create
quality inspection or resident satisfaction style surveys to scheduled work! 


Duplicate an Inventory Item

Sometimes adding several new but similar inventory items can be tedious. Based on your
suggestions, we've added the ability to duplicate any existing inventory item. Just click the
drop down arrow next to the +New Inventory Item button. 


Add Existing Work Order to a Project

This versatile new feature lets you add any existing work order to an open Project. Simply
click the Add this WO to a project link in the bottom left of the work order General Info
panel and pick the open project to link to. You can even accept a pending request then add it
to a project! You can unlink a work order from a project in a similar way. 



More Report Speed Updates and New Features 

We've overhauled 3 other reports to help boost performance and added some
great new features. 

Labor Productivity

Now with dramatically improved performance, this report includes new 
features such as:

  • relative labor date range filter
  • total hours worked filter
  • new horizontal bar chart for easier reading
  • excel output format added


Work Load Analysis

This includes a performance overhaul as well as:

  • relative date range for work in-progress, start date and completed date
  • work in-progress date range printed at top of first page
  • new metrics on report for '# Overdue' and 'Average Days Overdue'
  • excel output format added

Response Time Analysis

A huge performance overhaul ensures this report runs smoothly as well as
new features such as:

  • relative date range filters for start date, completed date and work in-progress date
  • horizontal bar charts for easier reading
  • customizable days open group parameters (click Show Advanced Filters)
  • option to print new summary statistics
  • excel output format added


Fixes & Improvements

  • maintain Inventory Unit of Measure (UOM) through a new pick list in Settings > Pick Lists.
  • in Worx IQ now department filters only show your active departments.
  • fixed interface issue on dashboard when really long priority names are used.
  • fixed issue in calendar when using the color picker to select the color for a staff member the work orders event colors were not updating immediately.
  • fixed issue with blank screen appearing when attaching a survey to a work order when opened via the Staff Schedule dashboard indicator.
  • resolved mobile issue where QA & Survey options were appearing incorrectly for some users.
  • fixed issue when attaching files to a resident household they were also being attached to the location inadvertently.
  • resolved problem where you couldn't delete a phone number from a contractor contact.
  • fixed white screen issue when adding multiple additional costs to work order when completing via the completion wizard.
  • added feature to surveys linked to work orders where surveys can be set to print automatically when the work order prints.
  • added print button to work order Survey panel to print linked surveys.
  • fixed issue where you couldn't delete a saved search.
  • fixed issue where you could create duplicate usernames.
  • resolved problem in Survey Question Analysis Report where not all survey questions were showing.
  • added staff or contractor name to work order smart-widget mouse-over hint.
  • fixed issue in Internet Explorer where smart tabs could get disabled after navigating away from a work order via a hyperlink to a staff or asset record.
  • fixed issue when saving complex saved searches.
  • added feature where every pay rate beginning with an asterisk (*) is treated as a flat rate.


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