New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

November 16, 2014

We've added some important new features which impact the completion wizard in maintenance and housekeeping as well as key new options when creating trips in transportation. There's lots of other great new features too so read on!

Important Changes to Work Order Completion Wizard

We've added functionality to optionally require meter readings before a work order can be completed. To support this function we've made some changes to the completion wizard and improved the behavior overall. Below is a summary of the changes.

Notes & Labor Combined in First Page

Assigning labor to a work order via the completion wizard used to be on the second page of the wizard. As it's the most used portion of the wizard we've added it to the first page. A majority of the time, you'll add notes, assign labor then click the Complete WO  button.


Complete Button Visible on All Pages

It used to be that you had to navigate all the way to the last page of the wizard before you could mark the work order as complete. Now, so long as all requirements are met, you can complete the work order from any page of the wizard.


As well, if requirements for completion are not met, the button is disabled and will only become active once all required data is entered.


Required data can include:

  • labor must be assigned
  • a completion date & time must be entered
  • if a meter is assigned and has a required number of readings, you must have entered enough readings.

Required Meters

When using our meter reading features, there's a new option allowing you to specify a required quantity of meter readings before completing a work order. For example, some customers require 3 water temperature readings, where others require 10.


If a meter is linked to the work order, the Meters  page will be the second step in the wizard. If a meter requires readings that have yet to be captured, clicking the Complete mouse-over action on the dashboard will open the completion wizard.

To find out more about meters and how they can help with your compliance requirements, sign up for our upcoming webinar Improved Compliance Tracking with Meters.

Completion Navigator

In the top right of the completion wizard is the completion navigator. This allows you to navigate forward and backward to any step in the wizard. As well, a red exclamation point appears next to any step which requires data that you have yet to enter, such as assigning labor or entering meter readings.


Meter Reports Added

Under Reports > Assets, you'll find two new meter reports. The Meter Log is a simple listing of all readings for your meters. You can sort your readings oldest first or newest first. The Meter Audit adds additional information such as the work order number of work triggered by a reading, who performed the reading, completion date/time of triggered work orders and more!

Meter -log -report

Mobile Notification of Meter Requirements

Now that you can require a certain quantity of meter readings before a work order can be completed, Mobile Worx now prompts you when you attempt to complete a work order when readings are required. You cannot complete the work order until the required number of readings are captured, so return to your Meters panel to complete your readings.


New Work Log Section in Work Order

Inside the Labor panel of a work order, or in the labor section of the completion wizard, we've always had a place for you to log time. This table used to log time was always confusing for users as there was a small diskette icon to symbolize the save function which was often overlooked. Now the table is easier to use and includes a proper save button. You can also type your labor time and press your enter key to save!


Projects Filter in Mobile Worx

For those using our mobile app, you now have a filter on your work order lists allowing you to hide projects, or show only projects

Tap the filter icon:


Tap the filter option:


Remove Inactive Locations

Do you have entire buildings, wings or units that no longer exist? Maybe they've been demolished but you continue to see them as locations in TheWorxHub? You can now remove these locations so they no longer appear in your location picker when you're adding work orders and other records.

  • Go to Settings > Location
  • Mouse-over the node or location that you wish to remove and click the trash can icon


The location will remain in your location filter in search and reports in order to look up historical information.

Reopening of Work Orders With Multiple Workers Assigned

Now when you reopen a completed work order which had multiple workers assigned, TheWorxHub prompts you to choose which workers to reopen the job for. This allows you to specify exactly which staff member should see this work order reappear on their schedule.



Location Added to Mouse-Over Hint in Your Recent Requests Widget

For requestors submitting work requests using the Requestor tab, their Your Recent Requests widget now shows the location of the work when you mouse-over the request.


Delete Received Purchase Order Line Items

You can now delete received items on a purchase order and TheWorxHub inserts an appropriate adjustment in your on-hand inventory to remove the previously received supplies.


Scanning Barcode Now Adds Log Entry

For those using our new barcoding app, each time you scan a barcode it now leaves a log entry on the item that you scanned. For example, if you tap Scan Barcode from your dashboard and scan a fixed asset, the Log panel in that asset record gets updated with a record of who scanned the barcode and when.


Important Changes to Transportation App

Several new features and improvements have been added to the transportation app to make it easier and more customizable.

Choose Departure Time or Appointment Time

The trip form has been updated to support customers who plan trips without fixed appointments. Some customers rely on just inputting a trip departure time and end time with no particular appointment time. A good example would be a planned shopping trip -- you know when you intend to leave and when you intend to return -- but you don't have a particular appointment time where you need to arrive at the shopping destination.

Inside the trip form, you'll see options for Appointment Time or Departure Time.


If you choose Departure Time, you'll see Start  and End  time fields appear below. You must enter your start and end time before saving.

If you choose Appointment Time, you'll be able to enter the specific time you should arrive at your destination. This appointment time appears next to each destination and works just like it did prior to this update.

Set a Default for Departure vs. Appointment Time

By default, every customer is set to the Appointment Time  option. This can be changed in Settings > Transportation > Default Settings. Look for the setting 'Default all new trips time to.' Changing this to Departure Time ensures all new trips added will default to that option.


Hide Part Time Drivers from Requestor Calendar

In your transportation app, you can give requestors access to see a calendar which shows driver availability. This can be misleading to some as that calendar can often include part time drivers who are only called in urgent situations. Now you can create a separate security role for these part time drivers and ensure that role does not have the Visible on Requestor Calendars option. 


Auto-Assign Drivers

If you have a only a single driver in your department, or a lead driver who gets assigned most trips, you can now choose a driver to be automatically assigned to all new trips. To set which driver gets assigned by default, go to Settings > Transportation > Default Settings.


Resident Phone Numbers Show on Trip Form

Immediately after choosing your resident passengers, their phone number appears on the trip form below the resident name.


Fixes & Improvements

  • New time picker added to appointment start and end time in work order form.
  • added log entries to work order Log panel when location is changed on a work order in the main app or mobile.
  • Work orders on the Projects tab now update immediately in the interface when labor is assigned or the status is changed using mouse-over actions.
  • Reroute option added to Pending Requests area on mobile. Now you can reroute requests to a different department on Mobile Worx if they were submitted to the wrong department.
  • Updated fixed asset form to prevent inputting data that is too long.
  • Added feature in transportation app to allow you to pick a driver when first creating a pick-up for an existing trip.
  • Fixed issue in transportation app where the calendar view would adopt the window height of the assign driver window if both views were used back to back.
  • Added a search field in Settings > Transportation > Favorite Destinations to allow you to quickly search through lengthy lists of destinations.
  • Added feature in transportation app to allow you to schedule appointments in 5 minute increments rather than 15 minute increments. Look for this setting in Settings > Transportation > Default Settings.
  • Fixed issue in transportation where loading animation would not disappear after editing and saving a trip.
  • Added ability to upload photo of an asset after scanning the asset barcode from your dashboard. Tap the photo place holder to add a photo.
  • Added Billed to Resident filter to Work Order Notes Detail  report.
  • Updated Work Order Notes Detail report to include manually added comments.
  • Fixed issue when using Batch Assign action and specifying an Estimated Time.
  • Performance boost added to location picker on mobile.
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