November 16 - New Release Online

November 16, 2017

We've just rolled out an update with some great new features as well as a number of fixes.

WorxIQ Industry Benchmarks

We're excited to announce our launch of our first round of industry benchmark tools embedded in WorxIQ. We've included work order data benchmarks for:

  1. Average Days Open
  2. Average Time
  3. Average Days Overdue
  4. % Done on Time
  5. Work Order Counts
  6. Costs
  7. Labor Time
  8. Billable Dollars


Note that the last 4 benchmarks above apply a factoring logic so that the biggest sites compare fairly to the smallest sites. If you're a senior living community, it's best to use the Per Resident Unit factor. We are working on backfilling customer square footage to benchmarks for all senior living and hospital clients as well so everyone can benefit from an extra Per Square Foot benchmark.

To see a benchmark you must:

  • Select one of the Measures mentioned above
  • Use a Chart Type of Column
  • Compare by Site


You can even open your advanced filters and begin narrowing down your data to see benchmarks for very specific things such as:

  • Avg Time for Plugged Toilet
  • % Done on Time for Resident Source of Work
  • Avg Days Overdue for Planned Work

The possibilities are endless!

Require Work Order Tasks To Be Marked Complete

This next feature applies to only work orders generated from recurring PM or scheduled work orders. If your recurring work order has a task list, you can flag that work order to prevent it from being marked complete until all task checkboxes have been checked. You'll find this setting in any scheduled work order or scheduled work order template that has a task list.


Now anytime a work order is created from the recurring schedule, it will require all task lists to be complete before marking the work order complete. In the desktop app you'll be stepped through the work order completion wizard to complete the tasks step.


Your work order dashboard lists will also show you how many tasks are on each work order now and how many are still incomplete.


The mobile app also includes logic to prevent you from completing without checking all tasks and it will navigate you right back to your task list if you attempt to complete without all tasks checked off.

Tip: So now that we have this new feature, you might want to update all scheduled work orders with task lists to be configured with this. We recommend that you:

  • Go to  Actions Tab > Scheduled WO Updates
  • Filter on Has Task List, click Search Now
  • Put a checkmark next to all records you wish to update
  • Click the Batch Edit link in the top left of your search results
  • In the pop-up form, click the Can't Complete WO Until All Tasks Complete checkbox

Asset Names Now Show on Work Order Dashboard Lists

Whenever you have a work order linked to one or many assets, the asset description will now show on all work order lists. 

The asset description is also searchable from your main app dashboard search.


For technicians that spend most of their time in the mobile app, you'll also see the asset description on work order lists there.


Filter Mobile Work Order Lists on Corrective vs PM

When you're looking at a work order list in mobile, you can click your Filter icon in the top right, then select to see only Demand/Corrective or only PM for that list. 


Automatically Link Email Surveys to Work Requests

If you own our add-on Surveys & Inspections app, you can now create a rule in your Settings area that can automatically link a survey to be emailed out to a work requestor after one of their submitted work orders gets marked complete.

In Settings > Surveys > Work Order Surveys you can define a rule to specify how frequently you want to survey your requestors. 


Here's a few tips:

  • you can set different rules for each department you operate.
  • any time you change the rule in settings, the counter resets to zero. 
  • the counter increments only when a work request is accepted and becomes a work order.
  • the email survey goes out to the user who submitted the request so long as they have a valid email address in their staff profile.

Edit Work Order Descriptions When Triggering Work from Failed Survey Questions

In our add-on Surveys & Inspections app, you can create pass/fail inspections where a failure can trigger a corrective action work order from a work order template. Now you can edit the work order details before that work order gets triggered to add more detail specific to the current circumstance.


Require Corrective Action on Fail on a Question-by-Question Basis

In our add-on Surveys & Inspections app, you could configure a survey to require corrective action on all question failures. We've added more control and granularity to allow you to pick and choose which specific questions require you to create a corrective action record.


12-Month Trend Chart Added to Rounds Dashboard

If you're a user of our Surveys & Inspections app, you should have access to a dashboard we call the Rounds Dashboard. It's where we aggregate all open deficiencies that came out of a rounds and inspection plan that you manage. Now, for any survey category you can see a twelve month compliance trend chart to help you quickly view your latest compliance scores. Use the Compliance For filter at the top to limit the chart to a single survey category.


Security App Enhancements

  • Your Security Daily Log dashboard can now be filtered! Click on the All Events link to apply a filter.

1116217-security -eventfilter1

  • Duplicate action added to Rounds Templates. Great for identical rounds that happen multiple times per day.
  • Requests and Incidents now open in pop-up forms directly from the Daily Log timeline view.
  • Incident search added to Search > Security > Incidents.
  • Review daily logs on mobile

Fixes & Improvements

  • Sorted WorxIQ site navigator droplist alphabetically so your list of sites you manage is sorted by name.
  • Fixed issue in Catering app where some catering events wouldn't appear on calendars if no food items were added.
  • Fixed issue with some survey questions appearing duplicated on mobile surveys.
  • Fixed issue with some deleted Billing Codes appearing as available items on room booking Billings tab.
  • Fixed issue with Service Area not showing up as required when creating an Alert from an inspection style survey.
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