New Update to TheWorxHub!

November 18, 2012

Early this morning, we rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which includes a number of updates and improvements.

Email Surveys in the QA & Surveys Module

We've introduced a new feature for those customers who own the QA & Surveys module -- emailing of surveys. Now, when you link a survey to a work order, once that work order is complete, an email gets sent to the designated recipient with a link they can click to fill out the survey online!

Use email surveys for residents or internal staff, but be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder and unblock if our surveys end up there.

Email -survey -settings

For more on emailing surveys see Emailing Surveys and Completing an Emailed Survey topics in our How it Worx section.

Custom Contractor/Supplier Expiry Dates 

Now you can create your own custom contractor expiry date and get a reminder on your dashboard of upcoming contractor related reminders. Use this for WSIB expiry (in Canada) or any other special reminders you need for contractors.

Go to Settings > Misc > Custom Contractor/Supplier Expiry Dates section to define the name of this reminder. Then update your contractor info to establish dates for reminders, and get reminders straight to your dashboard!

Custom -expiry

New and Improved

  • Fixed issue in Location tab where address info wouldn't be saved unless a full address was entered. Now you can save just a city, or just a street address and leave the remaining address fields empty.
  • Updated days overdue counter in the work order form to stop counting when a work order status is set to Cancelled.
  • Improved work order templates to ensure source of work is filled in when using a template when adding a new work request.
  • Fixed issue in Mobile where the warning was showing up on the wrong page when notifying you that staff needed to be assigned before marking a work order complete.
  • Fixed issue where sorting was not working on some columns in the search portal.
  • Fixed error in IE8 when using the Move Back In button in the resident profile area.
  • Fixed report grouping when using the Worker grouping -- the data was not being displayed alphabetically.
  • Fixed issue where Search > Staff/Contractor was not obeying department filters.
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