Hey! Another Update to TheWorxHub!

November 18, 2016

This update rolled out at midnight EST on November 18th -- thank you Mark -- with some important new features, as well as a few improvements and bug fixes. Here's a list of the items we deployed.

Deficiency History Tab on Rounds Dashboard

Last week we deployed a new Rounds dashboard for anyone with our add-on Surveys/Inspections  app. This new dashboard lets you see any open deficiencies -- work that resulted from a failed inspection point -- and monitor these items until resolution. This week, your rounds dashboard has an all new Deficiency History tab showing all failed inspection points for any date range you wish.

6.21RoundsDeficiencyHistoryTab - Copy.png

Some Features of the Deficiency History Tab:

  • Use the instant search box to search for anything and immediately see results returned as you type.
  • Click column headings to sort data!
  • Click export in the bottom left to export your deficiencies to Excel!
  • Click on a hyperlinked inspection name to jump into that inspection to review the scoring.
  • Click on any work order or alert deficiency to the view the details of the deficiency.

Note: To see the rounds tab in your top left Main Navigation your security role requires a permission under Surveys/Inspections called Rounds Dashboard. 

Rounds Dashboard Just Mine Filter

Another addition to our add-on Survey/Inspection app is the Just Mine and Notified On filters on your Open Deficiencies Dashboard..

Previously your Open Deficiencies listed all open items, but now you can click the Just Mine option to immediately limit the list to just the ones where you are the responsible party. Also, Notified On, displays anything where you were added to the email notification list.

6.21RoundsJustMine - Copy.png

Monthly Inspection Deficiencies

Under Reports > Surveys/Inspections we've added a new report called Monthly Inspection Deficiencies. This unique report allows advanced grouping of inspection critieria with a break-down of monthly deficiencies for the last 12 months. As well, roll up data on # of inspection points, failures, compliance % and open deficiencies helps you spot trends and problem areas easily.

6.21MonthlyHistoryReport - Copy.png


Fixes & Improvements

  • Cleaned up Alert form UI for Surveys/Inspection users.
  • When marking a location as Past, we've improved the way we highlight all the things related to that location you're removing.
  • Fixed issue with some inspections not letting you mark them complete, even though every question was answered.
  • Fixed issue in Surveys where excluding the very last question would cause you to not be able to mark a survey complete.
  • Fixed issue with deleting subscribed calendars.
  • Fixed issue in asset search with some assets not appearing when you are diplaying an infiltered list.
  • We now notify a requestor when a request is rerouted between departments.
  • Fixed issue where a requestor could not subscribe to email updates on a request until they picked a location of work.
  • Fixed issue when you reopened an existing report subscription to add new people to the distribution list, then nobody would receive the report emails.
  • Fixed issue with Rejected Trip Requests not triggering email notifications
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