New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

November 2, 2014

We've added a few performance updates, as well as another server to our server farm to help with some of the load during peak times. There's also a few new features, fixes and improvements that just went online!

Surveys Now Support Up To 250 Questions!

The add-on QA & Surveys app now supports up to 250 questions! On top of that, we've also increased the maximum length of each question to 500 characters. If you're new to QA & Surveys or are thinking about adding it to TheWorxHub you can read more in our How It Worx section, or check out a streaming webinar in our Webinar Archives section.


Unlink Meters in Scheduled Work Orders

When you link a meter to a scheduled work order, you can now unlink the meter using the unlink hyperlink below the meter name. To find out more about meters and how they can enhance your compliance tracking, register for our upcoming webinar: Improve Compliance Tracking with Meters.

Unlink Meter

Mobile Reload Option

In Mobile Worx, especially when roaming between WiFi and cellular data connections, sometimes you'll get stuck on a loading animation if your connection temporarily drops. In cases like this, you'll see a new Reload option. Tap the reload icon to refresh the app -- this will often resolve most issues with 'stuck' loading animations.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved logging of location changes in work order Log panel.
  • Serious performance improvement on inventory selection form used in PO & Inventory reports and barcode printing inventory selector.
  • Added visibility for discontinued inventory items on mobile.
  • Added option to Project reports to hide costs on print outs.
  • Fixed issue with resident photos not always appearing immediately when the resident is added as a passenger to a trip in the transportation app.
  • Fixed issue with mobile offline not calculating the consumption of inventory properly.
  • Fixed issue with maps & directions in transportation app after changing the order of destinations on trips.
  • Fixed issue on mobile when assigned labor was unassigned then reassigned to the same work order.
  • Fixed incoming tabular data stream error on mobile when syncing offline data.
  • Fixed issue on mobile which prevented tapping on a work order via Find Anything > Work Orders.
  • Fixed issue with Staff Schedule report giving a nullable object must have a value error in rare cases.
  • Fixed issue on mobile when user assigns themself while offline and someone else assigns them in the main app at the same time.
  • Column widths improved in Usage & Order History section of inventory form.
  • Fixed issue on Project reports where contractor names were not appearing on print outs.
  • Improved handling of running timers on mobile when others use the main app to complete work orders currently being timed.
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