Important Details about Internet Explorer 11

November 25, 2013

Recently Microsoft released an update to their Internet Explorer web browser - IE 11. This update introduced a login problem for some users of TheWorxHub. The issue causes you to be logged out of TheWorxHub moments after logging in.

This only impacts Internet Explorer 11 users and will not impact Google Chrome or Firefox users.

Steps to Fix IE11 Login Problem


1. Open Internet Explorer and go to your WorxHub login page.

2. Click Settings (gears icon in top right).

3. Click Internet Options.


4. Click the Security Tab.

5. In the zone section at the top, click and highlight the Local Intranet option.

6. Click the Sites button that appears (see screenshot).


7. Click the Advanced button.


7. Enter your URL for theworxhub, (ie. - it should already have it displayed in the box.

*note, your url is not -- this just an example.

8. Click Add. Agree to any prompts or warnings.


9. Click close/apply to get out of all these options windows.

10. Close Internet Explorer, reopen it, and then try logging in again.


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