November 30 - New Release Online

November 30, 2017

We've just rolled out an update with some great new features as well as a number of fixes.

Support For Bluetooth Barcode Scanners!

We've just rolled out support for Bluetooth barcode scanners on our mobile app. Bluetooth barcode scanners add another option for faster and more reliable scanning, especially for barcodes that might be out of reach. Now, wherever you'd normally see a Scan Barcode button, you'll now see two options:

  • Scan Barcode with Camera
  • Scan Barcode with Bluetooth


Check out this video below of the Bluetooth scanning in action!


Tip: When looking at purchasing Bluetooth barcode scanners, if you're using WorxHub generated barcodes, you can get away with a scanner that only supports 1D barcodes. However, if you're using 3rd party QR codes, you'll need to get a scanner that also supports 2D barcodes.

Security App Incident Listing Report

If you're getting started with our all new Security App, we've just added a new report under Reports > Security > Incident Listing. This is a great report for review and analysis of your open or historical incidents. Flexible filters for date range, category and last outcome type as well as the ability to show Outcome History make this a powerful reporting option.


Security App Sign-Off on Log Review

As your security staff shifts change, it's important that the staff on the new shift review details of recent events such as incidents, notes and maintenance requests submitted into other departments. To help with this process, our mobile app Security Dashboard provides an easy option to Review Logs


Once you're reviewed the summary of events you can tap Sign-Off in the top right and add your signature right on screen.


As a manager back on the desktop app, you can view all the sign-offs by staff to see who's properly reviewed and signed-off.


Asset Filter Table Has New Department and Barcode Column

In many areas of TheWorxHub a pop-up asset table is used for filtering asset records. You will see this pop-up when filtering assets to print barcodes, batch edit assets, or on asset report filter pages. We've added two new columns for Department and Barcode to this table to make it easier to identify and filter your selections.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Updated Staff form so that Trip Notification options don't show up when you don't own our add-on Transportation app.
  • Fixed issue on Mac machines where attaching files inside the requestor form wasn't working.
  • Fixed issue where Add > Inventory option would show in some cases even when you didn't own our inventory app.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't delete the text after adding a note to a task list item.
  • Fixed issue in Inventory app when when converting an Ad Hoc PO Item to a permanent inventory item, the assigned category and subcategory didn't save.
  • Fixed issue with Room Booking & Catering fees settings where sometimes the assigned billing code wouldn't display when you open the fee record.
  • Fixed issue on mobile app where newly added work orders would say they were added 4 hours from now -- time travelling work orders!!!
  • Fixed issue with tasks lists where editing the task list details on the main app would cause the task list to disappear on the mobile app.
  • Fixed issue in Transportation app with merging trips.
  • Fixed issue in Fixed Assets where the purchase date would show as being edited in the Log panel any time you edited asset details.
  • Fixed issue with work order calendar when sometimes dragging a work order in the weekly or worker view would cause the work order to jump 1 hour later in the day.
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