Great New Features Added to TheWorxHub

November 4, 2016

This update rolled out at midnight EST on November 4th with a bunch of great new features, as well as a few improvements and bug fixes. Here's a list of the items we deployed.

View Room Booking & Transportation Calendars in Outlook and on Your Phone

This enhancement to your add-on Room Bookings and Transportation apps lets you publish several versions of calendars in order to subscribe to them in your desktop Outlook or on your mobile device. Configuring these options can be done in less than a minute -- check out this overview video below! (click here if the embedded video doesn't show)


Single Scheduled Work Order Can Generate Multiple Asset Based Work Orders

It's a best practice to always link fixed assets to scheduled work orders (PM) where appropriate. In the past, you could create a single PM with many similar assets linked, which would generate only a single work order with those same assets linked. This often fell short when it came to tracking individual asset costs or progress on a task list. The alternate was a tedious process of creating individual scheduled work orders for each asset, and if you wanted to change your tasks or description later on for all similar PMs you'd have to edit each one.

We've added a new feature to streamline this area. Now when you create a scheduled work order and link 2 or more assets, you'll see an option to generate one work order for each attached asset, OR one work order for all linked assets collectively. The default on any new scheduled work order will always be to generate an individual work order for each linked asset.

When Generate one work order for each piece of equipment is selected, the generated work orders will pick up the location specified on the linked asset, not the location specified on the parent scheduled work order.

6.2-Asset PM

Rounds Dashboard for Survey/Inspections App

For those running our add-on Survey/Inspection app, we now have a great new way to stay on top of deficiencies arising from failures on rounds and inspection style surveys. We've got easy new features to allow you to create corrective work orders for maintenance, as well as all new alerts for other responsible parties in your organization. Drive responsible parties to this new dashboard to take action on deficiencies.

Note: The rounds dashboard is being incrementally rolled out over the next couple of weeks. If you don't see it, right away, the capability will be added to your account soon.


New Survey Form Update

In order to resolve some performance issues with very large surveys and extend the functionality for better tracking outcomes of failed inspections, we've done an overhaul in this area. Here are a few of the updates:

Surveys/Inspections now have their own page

It used to be that when you clicked Add New > Survey/Inspection, you'd get a pop-up to create that survey, but it was tough to get back to that survey to finish scoring it, or if you wanted to send a link to the survey/inspection to someone it was not possible. Now each survey has its own unique # and URL which means you can email this link to someone and they can navigate directly to that survey. It also means that each survey is opened in a tab at the top of TheWorxHub and it is kept in your recent history so it's easy to get back to.

6.20-Surveys In ATabb

Performance Improvement on Large Survey/Inspections

When you're doing a survey/inspection with 50+ questions, performance often suffered, especially when using Pass For All actions. Now it should be much much quicker!

Deficiencies Related to Inspection Questions Clearly Shown on Survey Page

When you complete a large inspection and there are corrective actions taken for specific failures, each corrective action is clearly shown on the survey page so all outcomes are clear. Anytime you review a historical survey, you'll be able to drilldown into all corrective actions taken.

6.2-Corrective Action 

Trigger Corrective Action Template for Multiple Locations at Once

In an update earlier this year, we added the capability to link corrective work order templates to inspection questions, to automate a workflow when failing on an inspection. This was always limited to only trigger a single work order for a single location. Now in both the main app and mobile, you can fail on a single inspection point, but trigger a corrective template for multiple locations. For example, in the screenshot above 'Corridor doors latch' could fail and you could trigger corrective action for many locations of doors that didn't pass inspection.

6.2-Additional Locations

Add Photos On The Fly

When you fail on a question which triggers an automated corrective action template, you can add one or many photos to attach to the corrective template, in both the main and mobile apps.

Mobile Inventory Count -- Items Now Sorted by Bin/Shelf

In order to make scanning through a list of inventory items for a given storage location as easy as possible, we're now sorting this screen by Bin/Shelf (then part #).


Department "Label" changed to "Application" as an Option

To eliminate some confusion around our Department terminology in TheWorxHub for some clients, we've can optionally replace this term with Application where needed.

6.2-Applicationvs Department

Remove Inventory Storage Locations

Inventory items in TheWorxHub add-on inventory app can have multiple storage locations. Now we can delete storage locations -- just click the red x icon to the left of the location. You'll need to ensure your on-hand quantity in that location is 0 before you can delete it.

6.2-Remove Inventory Location


Fixes & Improvements

  • Updated offline mobile to show linked survey/inspections in the main work order form.
  • Location entry instructions for common areas appear on the request/work order form when you select that location.
  • Email notifications added for when a request is re-routed between departments.
  • Storage location and bin/shelf added to Usage and Order History tab when logging adjustments.
  • Improved logging of changes on Inventory form.
  • On-hold/Cancelled reason now appears on email notifications.
  • Added Company # to location export.
  • Fixed issue with Trip Invoice printing a blank page where residents units have no address.
  • Fixed issue preventing manual generation of recurring trips if there was no driver assigned.
  • Fixed issue with Visible to Requestor checkbox in quick complete dashboard action not working.
  • Fixed issue on mobile with deactivated suppliers showing on the inventory form.
  • Fixed issue with Room Bookings app where you couldn't add guests to guest suites.
  • Fixed issue with not getting email notification on new requests when a template is used to create the request.
  • Fixed issue in WorxIQ when clicking the underlined username to access account management.
  • Fixed issue with Work Type filter not working as designed in the Asset Work History report.
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