New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

October 12, 2014

We've got an amazing new update online! It's a big one, so grab a seat and check out all the new features below!

Mobile Quick Actions for Timers and Work Order Completion

We just made it faster and easier to start a job timer or mark a work order complete from your Just My Work list. If you were attending our 2014 User Conference, we demonstrated this as a 'Long Press.' In order to enhance device and browser compatibility, we changed this to a single Action Menu button that you can tap to show the Quick Actions for starting timers and completing work orders.

Tap The Action Menu


Quick Action Buttons for Start Timer or Complete Work Order


Tip: When you already have a timer running then you click Start Timer on a different work order, the original timer is stopped and the time accumulated is saved.

Jobs With Running Timers are Highlighted in Green


Tap Actions Menu On Active Timer


  • Save Timer: this saves the time logged since starting the timer but leaves the work order open. You can always restart your timer again if you want.
  • Complete WO: this saves your timer (if running) and takes you right to the Work Order Completion page where you can input any final completion details before marking the work order complete.
  • Discard Timer: this stops the timer and 'throws out' any logged time. Use this if you've mistakenly started a timer on a job or forgot your timer running and need to manually input accurate job time.
  • Cancel: this hides the Quick Action buttons.

Dashboard Reminder for Running Timers

If you have a timer running you'll see a new dashboard indicator reminding you of this running timer. Tap this to jump right into the work order for the current running timer.


Pulse Tab -- See Your Mobile Workforce!

If your technicians or housekeepers are using the Mobile Worx app, you can get a look at exactly what your staff are timing on their mobile devices, and the total time logged so far today. First, you'll need access to the Pulse Tab on your dashboard -- ensure your security role has access to Dashboard > Pulse tab -- if you don't have permission to update security roles, talk to someone in your organization who does.


Meter Enhancements

Use TheWorxHub to track meter readings on assets like Emergency Generator Run Time or Oil Pressure. Even use our all new Site Meters to track non-asset specific readings like water temperature checks. Setup a daily scheduled work order with a water temp meter reading attached and build best practices into the system knowing that meter readings can trigger corrective or preventative action automatically! Contact us to setup training for your team.

Create Multiple Meters Per Asset


Capture Meter Readings on Mobile


Setup Conditions To Trigger Work Orders Based on Readings


Review and Export Meter Reading History



New Time of Day Picker in Quick Complete Pop-Out

From your dashboard, many of you use the Quick Complete action for marking work orders complete. From time-to-time you need to adjust the time of day on the completion. We've rolled out a new time picker to simplify this process. Take a look at the animation below. In the coming weeks we'll be rolling out this same timer picker to all other areas of the system where you need to specify a time of day.



Add Question Groupings to Surveys

If you own the add-on QA & Surveys app, things just got better. If you have long surveys with dozens of questions, you can now add groupings to organize your questions more clearly. Add your groupings to your survey templates in Settings > Surveys.


Printed Checklist Survey Now with Yes & No Column

For those with the add-on QA & Surveys app, to help with interpreting printed checklist surveys, we've converted the previous single checkbox to two columns -- Yes and No. Previously, with the single checkbox print out, it was tough to know if a question scored 'No' of it if had just not been scored yet.


Barcoding -- Scan Non-WorxHub Barcodes

For those of you who have purchased barcodes from another company for labelling assets, you can now use your mobile device to associate those barcodes to an asset in TheWorxHub. Contact us for details on this as we have a time-saving import procedure to bulk upload your pre-printed barcodes.

Export All Billable Line Items

Previously, when exporting your billables from your Billings to Send dashboard area, you would get a single record for each work order. Now, you have the option to export all billable line items from each work order billing panel. This feature is available for Maintenance, Housekeeping, IT Services and Landscaping, but not yet available for Transportation.


New Easier to Use Mobile Location Picker

When adding a new work request, work order, or asset on Mobile Worx, the first step is always picking a location. It's always been difficult to navigate the location picker on a tiny screen so we've made a number of changes. 

  • Search box is now much bigger and easier to read
  • You can type in multiple key words to limit your search results even further.
  • The list of items is simplified -- no more expandable treeview with locations nested inside others.


Add Attachments to Projects

Up until today, Projects were one of the few areas in TheWorxHub where you couldn't add attachments. Well, now you can. Just open up the project settings form and you'll find an attachments panel where you can upload attachments, like a project budget, quotes, drawings, photos of the completed projects, you name it!


Opt-In to Email Updates on Trips You Create

For those running our Transportation app, we've got a new feature to allow you to subscribe to email updates on any trips you create. To sign up for email notifications, just update your staff record to check the checkbox saying 'Email me updates on trips I create.'


Easier Drop-Off/Driver Waits Feature

In the Transportation app, with any trip destination you can have your driver wait with the resident, or drop them off for return later. If you most frequently drop-off, you can set this option as a default in Settings > Transportation so all new trips will automatically pick up your drop-off/driver waits preference. Note: when Driver Waits is selected, you will then see the Return to Start checkbox.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Updated work log section of work order labor panel to accept labor time of more than 24 hrs.
  • Fixed issue in several reports where on the filter page, the relative date range option would appear selected in the UI even though it was actually using the custom date range.
  • Fixed issue with linking a survey to a work order, when that work order was in a pop-up window.
  • Fixed issue with surveys duplicating in the work order if you click Save Where I'm At from inside the work order survey panel.
  • Fixed issue with appointment time in a work order reverting to a different time after assigning labor.
  • Updated projects so that the start date and due date of a project get set immediately in the UI when creating a project from a template.
  • Fixed issue in Settings > Templates which prevented adding attachments to a template work order.
  • Fixed issue with Dropbox attachments which prevented saving of Dropbox links.
  • Fixed issue in transportation where recurring trips with a 'will call' appointment time wouldn't generate properly.
  • Fixed issue where a pending work request would temporarily show in the Complete WOs smart widget while you were in the process of accepting that request.
  • Fixed issue that required you to save edits to the resident form before sending an email invite to the resident.
  • Fixed issue in work order and request search that would show the current resident name next to work orders where the unit was vacant at the time of the work order completion.
  • Fixed the starting location display in the transportation app, when you clicked a trip request from your dashboard to pop-up the preview.
  • Added feature to remember search filters on transportation dashboard after closing a pop-up.
  • Now hiding inactive vehicles from transportation calendar vehicle view.
  • Fixed issue in barcode app, after scanning an inventory item, then clicking Add Work Order With This Inventory Item, the inventory item wasn't being automatically linked to the resulting work order.
  • Added work order completion time of day to work order search and the Simple Work Order Listing  report.
  • Added new groupings to Simple Work Order Listing report for subcategory and billed/not billed.
  • Added new filter to Staff/Contractors > Labor Productivity report for Include/Exclude Projects.
  • Entry comments added to email notifications.
  • Updating mobile Find Anything feature to clearly indicate when an inventory item found has been discontinued.
  • Updated reports to automatically select a relative or custom date range option as soon as you click to edit the date filter.
  • Survey statistics in Settings > Surveys now accurately separates out how many times a survey has been cancelled rather than including that number in the complete count.
  • Survey form print out updated for completed surveys to visually connect comments with their associated questions.
  • Fixed issues with work order start date display on mobile, incorrectly adjusting for timezones.
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