New Update to TheWorxHub!

October 14, 2012

Early this morning, we rolled out a patch to TheWorxHub which includes a number of small updates as well as a fix for the issues caused by Apple's iOS6.

Apple iDevice Compatible Again! iOS6 OK

A few weeks ago, Apple released its latest mobile device operating system iOS6 which didn't adhere to well-established industry standards. We, along with the entire software development community, were left to find our own solutions.

With this release of TheWorxHub, you can go back to using Safari on your Apple devices.

Mobile Worx Improvements

When assigning inventory to a work order, you can now search by part #.


All work order notes now save even when there's no change to the work order status. For example, you can add a note and leave the work order 'in progress.'

You're now able to change staff names on an ad hoc survey in Mobile Worx.

Ad-hoc inventory items no longer show up in inventory search when assigning items.

Contractor/Supplier Data Revealed

An improvement in TheWorxHub contractor & supplier management is that it provides an unlimited number of contacts for any given contractor or supplier. In PM Worx, the data was simply one company or supplier to one contact. Conversions from PM Worx to TheWorxHub hid some of the information about the company.

In this release, the contractor/supplier main phone # as well as emergency and fax #s are visible along with the full address, website and a new custom expiry date that you can name yourself in Settings>Misc.


New and Improved

  • Work orders with 'On Hold' status now appear in 'Just My Work.'
  • You can now remove ad hoc inventory items previously added to a work order.
  • When assigning inventory to a work order, you can now search by Location and Bin/Shelf.
  • Scheduled work order templates no longer erroneously add a template when they're saved.
  • The limit of batch printing of Project Work Orders is increased from 50 to 100.
  • Both when picking a supplier on a P.O. and when filtering on suppliers for P.O. reports, the suppliers now appear alphabetically.
  • On the Inventory Listing and Usage & Purchase History reports, the 'reorder number' now appears when the quantity on hand is equal to or lower than the number you want to keep on hand - not only when it's lower than the reorder quantity as was the case.
  • The 'clear filters' function on report filters no longer causes an error on the subsequent report.
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