October 19th - New Release Online

October 19, 2017

We've just rolled out an update with some great new features as well as a number of fixes.

Security App Launched!

This update includes a number of fixes and improvements to our all new Security App! To find out more, including downloadable brochures and a snazzy overview video, check out this Security App Resources page.


Mobile Quick Reload Option

Sometimes when you're using mobile, new records are being added to TheWorxHub behind the scenes and they won't immediately appear in the mobile app until you begin to navigate around forcing it to refresh. We've simplified this process to retrieve new records by adding a Reload icon at the top of all Work Order lists as well as the main dashboard. Just tap this icon to force the app to fetch anything new.


Room Booking Billing Invoice Print

You can now print an invoice form for all your room booking billings. You'll always get a separate invoice page for each billable person including all line items. You can configure some of your billing settings, including a billing contact under Settings > Misc > Room Bookings.

To include your logo, visit Settings > Misc > More.


You can print this right from your Room Booking Billings dashboard.


You can also print the invoice from inside your Room Booking form Billings tab.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue on Room Booking request calendar with some existing all day appointments overlapping mouse-over tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with WorxIQ subscription widgets, where clicking the widget link could show unexpected data if you weren't logged into WorxIQ at the time.
  • Fixed issue with Point Click Care billing export which would cause an error if you didn't have a billing company defined.
  • Changed Asset Used By pick list name in Settings > Pick Lists to Business Unit to be a bit more generic so the list can be made available to more than just assets, such as room booking billing department.
  • Fixed issue where Mobile > Find Anything > Work Orders wouldn't return any search results for some clients.
  • Fixed issue with the +10 more tasks link in WorxIQ work order template creation form.
  • Fixed issue with configuring SSO where uploading your .xml file would fail.
  • Fixed iOS 10 & 11 issue with dashboard times in Security App.
  • Added support for work request attachment thumbnail images in Security App Daily Log timeline view.
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