New Update to TheWorxHub!

October 23, 2012

Early this morning, we rolled out a patch to TheWorxHub which includes a number of small updates and improvements.

On Hold Mobile Interface Updates

We've improved the interface to make it easier to recognize when a work order is 'On Hold' on your Mobile Worx app.

When viewing work orders in a list, a red circle is displayed to the left of the work order # indicating that it is on hold.

Mobile -hold -dot

When you are viewing the main work order form in Mobile Worx, the top banner appears in Red (rather than Orange) when the work order is On Hold.

Red -banner

New and Improved

  • In Search, the phone number displayed for a Contractor is now the General phone number associated with the Contractor.
  • On the Projects dashboard, added a confirmation box when doing a batch Complete or batch Update Status action.
  • Corrected issues when setting display order on department-specific pick lists for Sites with multiple departments.
  • Fixed error when subscribing to email updates on a request before it was saved.
  • Fixed problem where completed Work Orders were not being immediately removed from the dashboard in Mobile.
  • Corrected an issue where the New Inventory button would not work immediately after performing an adjustment on another inventory item.
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