Lots of New Features in TheWorxHub!

October 25, 2015

For those of you running our new add-on Room Bookings app, you'll appreciate all the new improvements. We've also got a number of new enhancements to our mobile app, signatures and much more!

Recurring Room Bookings

Many events happen over and over on a set schedule. Use recurring room bookings to add the event once, including all setup/tear down tasks, and make it repeat automatically over time. 

Check out our new help topic on making a recurring template from any room booking.


Multi-Day Bookings

Some room booking events, like guest suite reservations, span more that one day. Now, just click the Multi-Day Booking checkbox to have your event span many days.


When you view your calendar you'll see your multi-day booking appear across many days. From the room booking dashboard calendar you can even click and drag to move multi-day events anytime they need to be rescheduled.


Tip: We currently don't support multi-day recurring room bookings..  


Guest Suite Tracking

Inside a room booking you'll see a new tab called Guests if the location of the booking is for a guest suite. To ensure you see this tab when booking guest suites, you need to do two things.

1. Ensure Room Type is Guest Suite

  • Go to Search > Locations/Residents and find your guest suites.
  • Open up the location form and expand the Bookings panel.
  • Confirm that the Room Type pick list is set to Guest Suite.

2. Ensure You Have the Guest Suites Permission

  • Go to Settings > Users
  • Find the role you want to update
  • Expand the Room Bookings panel
  • Check the permission Can Add Guests to Guest Suites

Now you can add the guest names, contact info as well as a link to a staff or resident so we can notify someone once they check-in. Use the check-in and check-out buttons to track when they arrived and when they departed.


You can also use your mobile app to check-in and check-out guests!


Room Capacity and Amenity Details

In your location form, inside the Bookings panel you can specify room capacities for various common configurations. Also, document other room amenities such as wifi passwords, ceiling height, equipment available and more. All of these special details will appear on the room booking info tab when you create a new booking. 5.02room-capacities.jpg


Signature Capture Improvements

We've got a number of new enhancements on our mobile signature capture feature.

Require Signature on Resident Billables

If you need to get sign off from a resident, you can go to Settings > Work Order and check the Require Resident Signature checkbox in the Chargeback Rate Settings area. This will ensure that all billable work orders show up on your mobile dashboard in a new Work Requiring Signature area.


New Main App Dashboard Filter and Icon

In TheWorxHub desktop app under the Billings to Send area, you can find a new filter option called Signature. This will let you review and limit the list to which billings have a signature and which do not.


You'll also find a new icon on the Billings to Send dashboard to indicate if there is already a signature.


Signature Remains After Changing Orientation

We solved an annoying problem with the signature canvas. If you signed, then you changed your phone or tablet's orientation (from portrait to landscape for example) before saving, the signature would be lost. Not anymore! Now, even if you change orientation your signature will remain and you can save it. This is ideal for situations where you hand your device to a resident to sign, then they hand it back -- you can't always control the device orientation when it's being passed back and forth.


Great New Mobile Updates

New Dashboard Indicators

Mobile now displays two new dashboard indicators by popular request -- Due Today and Work Requiring Signature. Due Today lets you zero-in on work orders due today and Work Requiring Signature works in conjunction with some of the signature improvements mentioned above.

Tip: You'll need a security permission called Dashboard > Due Today in order for the Due Today indicator to appear.


Remember Your Sort Option

Many of you requested a feature to allow the mobile app to remember what sort you're using. When working with long lists there are countless reasons why you might want to sort by location, worker or due date. Now when you change your sort in a list, the mobile app remembers this until you logout or close your browser.


Remember Your Spot in Long Lists

This usability improvement comes from several other feature requests. When working with long lists of work orders on mobile, often you'll tap to review a work order, then tap back to return to the list. Previously the app would return you to the top of the list, but we've made this a lot better in this release. Now, when you tap back you will be returned to where you left off on that list.

Multi-Select Files for Upload

When using attachments on mobile, you could upload multiple files, but you had to select them one at a time and upload them. We've made this a while lot better! Using the mobile app attachment feature, you can navigate your locally stored files and select multiples at once to upload. This is not supported in all versions of Android and iOS but it works nice in Chrome for Android 5+ and Safari on iOS 8+. Earlier versions might work so give it a shot.

Tip: When uploading multiple files through the mobile app you're limited to 50MB combined.


Unassigned added to Housekeeping and Landscaping Dashboards

After a few requests from users we've added an Unassigned dashboard indicator to your housekeeping and landscaping dashboards. Use this to find all work orders without a labor resource assigned.


Too Many Departments?

We love it when you want to use TheWorxHub for everything.  In some cases you have just too many departments on your dashboard and once you hit your 6th, it will just fall off the dashboard completely. 

Introducing the dashboard overflow tab! Whenever you have more than 5 departments on your dashboard, the 6th department will appear truncated with .... You can click this truncated department to choose it or display any other departments that can't fit in the main display.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Added feature in room booking email notifications for links in emails to open in the mobile app if we detect you're on a mobile device.
  • Improved validation on all recurrence pattern generators to prevent entry of 0 days, 0 months or 0 years.
  • Fixed issue with assigned labor sometimes not showing in search or on reports.
  • Fixed rare issue when changing the department of a fixed asset TheWorxHub wouldn't update the category and subcategory pick list options to reflect the new department.
  • Fixed issue with saved search links in the Saved Search panel in the requestor portal.
  • Fixed issue with the Transportation dashboard Status drill-down option.
  • Ensure deactivated contractor or supplier can't be chosen as a PO supplier.
  • Fixed issue with saved search data not being cleared when clicking Clear Search on various search tabs.
  • Fixed issue with the calendar tab Subcategory filter not being cleared in some cases.
  • Updated the Project form to allow you to upload attachments prior to saving a new project.
  • Fixed issue with Room Booking Category pick list items appearing on room booking forms even when the pick list item was marked at 'not visible.'
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