New Update to TheWorxHub

September 8, 2013

Late last night we rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which includes a huge improvement to accessing Search and Add functionality.

Search and Add New now available everywhere!

Before you used to have to navigate back to your dashboard in order to access your Global Search or your Add New buttons. Now, those actions are in the header and accessible from any page. 




See our How it Worx > Fundamentals section for more info about Global Search and Global Add New functions.

Recent History Drop List

In order to make room for the Search and Add New functions in the header, we needed to remove the number of Smart Tabs visible across the top of your workspace. Smart Tabs are those tabs that represent recent records that you've viewed. Now, you see tabs for the last two places that you've been, but there's also a recent history drop list showing the last 10 items that you've viewed!


Check out our How it Worx > Fundamentals section for more details on Smart Tabs

New Simple Work Order Listing Options

Reports can sometimes be a large bottleneck for us. The processing required for large reports is immense. We've overhauled the Simple Work Order Listing report to perform much quicker. Along the way we added a number of great new options to enhance this report even further. We're working on rolling out similar enhancements to other reports.

Here's a few of the great improvements:

Relative Date Ranges

Rather than always having to pick a beginning and end of a date range to limit the report, you can use our new relative date ranges. These are ideal for when you're saving reports as favorites as the date range is always relative to today's date.

Here's a few examples and how to interpret them.

Today is Friday, August 30th, 2013. 


Calendar -relative -dates -last -1-full -week

Note: for 'Full Weeks' option, you can define your week start day (Sunday, Monday etc) under Settings > Misc.



Improved Grouping Display

When you use your grouping option on the report, each group now displays as a separate sub-header on the report making grouped reports much more readable.


New Sorting Capability

Normally when printing this report, the records display in Work Order Number order. Now you can choose various options to sort your records. Note: that if you apply a grouping, the sort will be applied within each group.

Sorting Options

New Print Filters Capability

Sometimes after a report is printed off, you forget exactly how it was created -- what filters were used, what sorting and grouping options are in place? Now, by clicking the Print Filters option, the last page of the report will give you a run-down of the filters and options in place.

Print -filters -report

Custom Footer for Work Order Form

Now you can easily customize the footer on your printed work order forms. Want to remind staff of upcoming state inspection? Maybe display a monthly work safety tip, or a reminder to write down the time they spent on the job?

To update your custom footer, go to Settings > Work Order. You can create a custom footer for each department.


Now at the bottom of your work order print out, you'll see the custom footer!


Unlimited Asset Reminders

Previously you just had a single Warranty Reminder. Now you can have many reminders for a single asset. First, define Asset Reminder Types under Settings > Pick Lists, then add reminders to assets using the Reminders Panel. This is ideal for tracking vehicle warranties, license and ownership renewal reminders.


All of these reminders now appear on your dashboard Asset Reminders indicator.


Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Added feature to allow for Contractors to get email notifications when assigned to work. 
  • Squashed bug where on the dashboard when you clicked a mouse-over action, like 'Complete' then moved your mouse quickly, it would pop-up the completion window for a different record than the one you clicked on!
  • Added 'Show # of Entries' option to Settings > Templates so you can see more than 5 at once.
  • Added GL Code filter and column to Inventory Search portal.
  • Fixed issue when creating a scheduled work order from a template, it was not correctly carrying over the 'days until due' setting.
  • Fixed error when trying to create Widget Subscriptions in WorxIQ.
  • Prevented error when logged in user edited their username inside their Staff profile page. Now go to underlined username link in to right of app to change username.
  • Correctly carrying over asset photos when duplicating assets.
  • Ensured valid email when staff check 'email me when I'm assigned to work.'
  • In search, when using category/subcategory filters, your subcategories are now limited if you first filter on a category.
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