September 8th - New Release Online

September 8, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on September 8th with some new features and fixes.

Important Changes to Settings > Location

The Settings > Location area in TheWorxHub has suffered from slow loading for some time. This is a place where you could go to visualize your location hierarchy, make changes and add new locations. We're working on an overhaul to improve performance and have introduced two important changes.

Quicker Way to Add a New Location

Sometimes you just need to quickly add a new location that wasn't included in our initial setup. Rather than waiting for the Location Manager tree to load, you can use the Add Location subtab to quickly add a child location, or a top level location. This is way faster!

After you add your new location, it immediately appears as a link in the Recently Added Locations section at the bottom. You can use these links to pop-up the Location info form and add additional info such as Floor Plan type, Care Level or a location photo.



No Longer Edit Residents or Perform Moves Through Settings > Locations

For our senior living clients, some people were using Settings > Location to add residents, perform moves or update resident info. We've removed this functionality as it was prone to failure on this page. There is a prefered way to manage resident info and moves via Search > Location/Residents. The video topics on this page include details on performing the moves via the Resident Info form and the Moves History panel.


Driver Away From Work Calendar Blocking

For those using our Transportation app, you can now block off entire days or specific times of day when your drivers will be unavailable, for things like vacation days or personal appointments during working hours.

To specify away from work details for a driver, open their Staff form, expand the Away From Work panel and insert the start/end of their away from work event and save. 


If you want to update the list of available entries on the Away From Work Reason pick list, go to Settings > Pick Lists > Away From Work Reason.

Now this away from work event is blocked on your transportation dashboard calendar driver view.


When you're assigning a driver to a trip, you see an alternate timeline view, and now this view also shows the blocked off away from work event.


If you attempt to assign a trip to a driver where the trip duration overlaps an area where that driver is away from work, you'll be prompted of the conflict. You can choose to override and assign anyway.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved Survey & Inspection app to support multiple users scoring the same survey at the same time. Great for situations with large surveys where one user answers a group of similar questions and another user answers a separate group of questions on the same survey.
  • Fixed issue in mobile app lists where the sort dropdown could sometimes show two sort options selected.
  • Fixed UI issue on Staff Schedule dashboard where alignment of work orders would get messy if you had a really really really long priority name.
  • Fixed issue on iOS 10.3 where the mobile app work order template picker wouldn't show the checkmark next to the selected template until you 'nudged' the screen.
  • Fixed issue in transportation app where you couldn't save edits on a pick up trip.
  • Fixed an issue when disabling a user where the users security role would not update correctly to 'none'.
  • Fixed issue with work order Days Until Due setting where the Skip Sunday option would throw off the calculations.
  • Fixed issue with room booking setup tasks creation dates showing incorrectly on the work order dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with Actions > Batch Edit > Scheduled Work Orders where the Scheduled Work Order Number appeared incorrectly in the search results list.
  • Fixed issue on Catering dashboard calendar where some future recurring events were duplicating.
  • Fixed issue where meter reading notes over 100 characters would cause an error.
  • Increased number of lines to enter meter readings on work order form print out.
  • Fixed issue where deleted attachments on room booking templates would still flow through to generated instances from that template.
  • Fixed issue where work order log panel would sometimes show a completed time of AM when it should be PM or vice versa.
  • Fixed issue with catering email notifications where the email notification list was not being saved correctly and emails were not being sent.
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